Lost Papyrus Tools

Web Technology to Help Your Game

Stone cutter

Campaign Calendar

Add a game world calendar to your Obsisdian Portal Campaign Wiki. Supports…

  • Golarion
  • Real world
  • Greyhawk
  • Forgotten Realms

Campaign Chronicle

Make an eBook to read your Obsidian Portal adventure logs offline. Support the epub format which works on most readers.

Road maker

Campaign Quotes (Coming-soon)

Quick and easy way to memorialize your characters' quotes on your Obsidian Portal campaign wiki.


Campaign Replicator (Coming-soon)

Have a basic structure, or a set of wiki pages that you want to use in multiple campaigns? Restarting an old campaign? Use this tool to copy and existing campaign into a brand new one.


Campaign Archive (Coming-soon)

Got an old campaign you don't want to keep on Obsidian Portal, but you can't bare the thought of deleting it. Archive everything to a zip file and download it for future reference. You can also use this tool to load an archive into an existing campaign.